#2 TRAINING - Mental strength and endurance are the most important points to be fit to go further

 Bringing both under one roof is not easy next to work and family. 


Endurance training and simultaneously gaining more than ten kilos of body weight is a challenging task.

As far as the mental aspect is concerned, I try to stay 100 percent focused, which is sometimes not easy with my four lovely children around me.


As soon as doubts arise, failure is pre-programmed. 

#1 THE SLEDGE - This shape was designed by Paul Koller for his Greenland expetition "Spuren im Eis“, which he successfully completed in 2006 after a relentless 600 kilometers.


In 2008 it became my best companion on my first project "Solo in Siberia" 1080 kilometers at the Baikal in Buriatia Siberia.


In 2010, it accompanied me for 500 kilometers on the OB south of Novosibirsk in Siberia. 

Now I have optimized it again for my new project "connected". 


A new flash Airtex cover. Poles and insulation to use as biwak if I lose my tent in blizzards. As well as a solar panel bracket. (length: 182cm, width: 82cm, weight: 17kg)