An adventure about accomplishing something that seems impossible. More than 500 kilometres through icy deserts and mountains that are incredibly beautiful, but where you can also lose yourself. It will be another extremely exhausting venture for Hardy. Is it possible to escape this unbelievably wild region...?

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A quick update on "Connected" 12th January 2021


At the moment we are trying to get a special permit.

It will be very difficult and I hope it works. The chance is in the single-digit percentage range, but better than nothing. My training is going very well. I've gained over ten kilos of power and I'm more than ready for it physically and mentally.

I still had the opportunity to improve something on the devices. Let's see if I can finally get to my starting point at the end of February.


It's time to get this project done, I'm not getting any younger;-)

Connected has been postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19

5. March 20; Ok, since tonight I know that my project cannot be carried out this year! The reason is the restricted provisions in Mongolia due to COVID-19 and no special permit (thanks anyway to the embassy in Vienna and the Ministry of Transport in Ulanbataar for your efforts). I can't postpone my departure any further. Spring is also slowly beginning in western Mongolia, it is getting too warm and I am running out of time.


I'm tired of the situation now, but make the best of it. Next try 2021, always pursue your goals and stay tuned 💪

short project - pre informations on austrians puls4 TV

I would also like to pack these four

As with everything in my life, my children are also involved in my projects. They rewrote my baking list the way they would like to travel. I'm not sure, but I think a few parts are missing now that I need for my trip.

As if my project wasn't demanding enough

#3 “THE INVISIBLE DANGER" - Of course I watch the developments in the region, be it a marmot plague or now the Corona Virus.


I have been through various vaccinations for the past few months. 

My favourite doctor and friend Dr. Walter Titze has consulted me in the best possible way. But of course it doesn't help against this current virus. 


My problem is that I will have been traveling for a long time when the virus can break out in the middle of no man’s land with no access to fast medical support.


Let's see how the situation develops and that there are no more victims.


And if you think you have found such an isolated place, then regional events will appear which will soon become global events. That leaves me more and more in doubt about various developments...


#2 TRAINING - Mental strength and endurance are the most important points to be fit to go further

 Bringing both under one roof is not easy next to work and family. 


Endurance training and simultaneously gaining more than ten kilos of body weight is a challenging task.

As far as the mental aspect is concerned, I try to stay 100 percent focused, which is sometimes not easy with my four lovely children around me.


As soon as doubts arise, failure is pre-programmed. 

#1 THE SLEDGE - This shape was designed by Paul Koller for his Greenland expetition "Spuren im Eis“, which he successfully completed in 2006 after a relentless 600 kilometers.


In 2008 it became my best companion on my first project "Solo in Siberia" 1080 kilometers at the Baikal in Buriatia Siberia.


In 2010, it accompanied me for 500 kilometers on the OB south of Novosibirsk in Siberia. 

Now I have optimized it again for my new project "connected". 


A new flash Airtex cover. Poles and insulation to use as biwak if I lose my tent in blizzards. As well as a solar panel bracket. (length: 182cm, width: 82cm, weight: 17kg)

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