Short post - Austrians TV1

As an proud Upper Austrian, you have to be on TV 1. This short TV review is about my Snowkite adventures and the one or the other thought of why I am always on the move. Maybe next time I'll move up a little bit more with my views on life.

I enjoy doing my thing and I am very grateful for that. Thanx to TV1 Crew Gerald & Frank for that!

Servus TV -about Snowkite

Appearance @ Austrians Servus TV about Snowkiting. Thanx to Sharon Market, Philipp Mc Allister and Crew for the funny and entertaining shoot.


Figure it out, but don't stop moving.

You gotta get through today!

The carbohydrate and electrolyte solution for my unrestricted urge to move. Now also on Amazon!

Inside Hardy BLOG - Grateful to be part of The HEAT company family!

"Connected" IM 2019/20 in Pipeline - Stay informed @ FB #Connected

new - Superperformance

Superperformance - on a successful partnership! Since I am very conservative and skeptical about nutritional supplements, I am all the more pleased to have finally found a carbohydrate - electrolyte solution whose developer I trust 100%.

Many thanks to and Univ. Prof. Univ. Doz. Dr. Peter Baumgartl for supporting my activities and projects!

At The BOA System Europe

If you involve a 100% secure system in a less secure venture, the adventure becomes safer, at least in some things!?

It is not easy to find the perfect touring shoe that will accompany me hundreds of kilometers through unknown territory without my feet freezing. But what is certain, it must have the BOA® system on which I can rely 100%.

connected for a decade

Recently I met The Heat Company family in their home. We noticed that we have had a great partnership for over a decade and discussed my new project "Connected".

"Connected" with Patagonia

Successful and interesting meetings @ ISPO 2018 with Chris & Norbert @ Patagonia´s. "Connected" is slowly getting on track...