„more than just a Snowman“

Always aiming high despite keeping both feet firmly on the ground.


Hardy Brandstötter was born 1977 in Salzburg and grew up in the beautiful mountain countryside of the Salzkammergut. He graduated from the Austrian national sports academy, is a state-certified sports instructor and state-certified climbing trainer.


Hardy is known as one of the pioneers of snowkiting and speedflying.

He is always on the search for new adventures and records in kiting. With his engagement for the sport he gave him its individually character.


After his international successes in Snowkiting he now devotes himself to discovering the endless possibilities his mind, body alone can achieve within the parameters of the worlds varied geography and natural forces.


And despite all his adventures, also the caring father of four children and a real family man.


ISKA Snowkite World Champion

ISKA Vice World Champion

ISKA European Champion

ISKA Austrian Champion

Snowkiting World Speed Record

Kitesurfing Austrian Speed Record

Winner of the German Championship Race

Winner of the Red Bull Capetown Man

Winner of the PA Ice Speedkiting

Solo Crossing Baikal / Syberia

Solo Crossing Ob / Syberia



"don't let yourself be controlled"










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